Extended Use License

The SVG Stop Extended Use License

If you would like to use an SVG Stop design for MASS PRODUCTION (more than 500 items) or on PRINT ON DEMAND websites, you will need to purchase an Extended Use License for each item.

Extended Use Licenses start at $199 per design. 

You must purchase a license for each design you wish to use for mass production or print on demand. 

To purchase an Extended Use License, email us at Include name of the design(s) you wish to mass produce or print on demand.

Terms of use for Extended Use License:

Allowed Use:

  • You may use the Extended Use licensed design for mass production of more than 500 items, this includes storefront and online sales.
  • You may use the licensed design for print on demand website such as zazzle, red bubble, etc.
  • You may alter the designs size, color, or layers to better suit your needs.

Not Allowed:

  • You may not share, distribute, resale, transfer, or copy any design.
  • You may not give away our designs as freebies.
  • you may not sell the designs in any digital format (image, vector, embroidery, etc.)
  • You may not digitize designs for resell in embroidery software programs.
  • You may not use designs as a trademark, service mark, or registered logo.
  • You may not claim artwork as your own.

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions.