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HTV and Fabric Appliques

Oct 29th 2016

Hey everyone!! This will be our very first project tutorial. Enjoy :)

Today's project is heat transfer vinyl and fabric appliqued tshirts. I am super excited to share this one with y'all! It was so quick and easy. And I think it is so cute!!

For this project you will need a vinyl cutting machine, a svg file (the one used in this project can be found in the freebie section), heat transfer vinyl, heat n bond lite, fabric, and a tshirt.

First you will cut your fabric and heat n bond. I cut the heat n bond a little smaller than the fabric so it doesn't stick to the ironing board when applying. Iron the heat n bond on the backside of the fabric with the paper side facing up. Do not use the steam setting.

Next, place the fabric with the paper side down onto your cutting mat. Use the fabric setting on your cutting machine and cut the solid design out. Then change your setting to vinyl (or glitter vinyl). place the vinyl on the mat and cut the outline design out. The heat transfer vinyl design will need to be cut as mirror image. Our svg design is created this way so no need to flip.

After cutting the designs out, you will pre-press your shirt. Then remove the paper backing from the fabric and iron (or heat press) on. Press it just enough to secure it to the fabric. Then add the vinyl outline. You may have to adjust the shirt a little to get it lined up correctly. Then press the vinyl down. **OR you ca add the fabric to the sticky side of the htv sheet and press all at once...and save a step. :)

Press really good to make sure your vinyl seals the fabric and the shirt. This will prevent fraying. Follow the recommended heat and time settings for your vinyl.

Now you have a vinyl appliqued tshirt!! Super easy and super cute!! Can't wait to find some leggings to match this one!! :)