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How to use DXF files with Silhouette Studio basic edition software


Did you know you can use DXF files with your basic edition of Silhouette Studio? And the best part is, they will be ready to cut!! No more tracing! We will show you how to use this file type below.

First you will open the file in Studio by going to "FILE" then clicking "OPEN"

Then select the file you wish to use from the saved location....be sure the file you select is a DXF file (it will have .dxf at the end of the file name).

The file will look like this...

To separate the pieces for cutting, you will right click on the image and select "release compound path". You will do this only if the design appears as one piece...if it is already separated, skip this step.

You may then separate the pieces for cutting. If a piece has "cut out pieces" such as the light cord in this example....you will notice that each piece is separate. If will cut fine like this. But to make it easier to manipulate and for the fill colors to look correct on the screen you can select all pieces (of the cord) and then right click and select "make compound path".

You can now add fill color if you would like. This step is not necessary for cutting....just for visualization.

Last, turn on your cut lines....select your cut settings, load your silhouette machine and cut out your image.

We include DXF files for all designs that we sell. :)

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